Power is nothing without flexibility. An acknowledged company in the European energy trading market, BCM Energy combines the agility of its organisation with the power in its asset portfolio to optimise energy's value. With BCM Energy, follow the current for all its worth.


The energy sector is undergoing profound changes, ranging from energy transition to new technology. BCM Energy is innovating to benefit from the numerous opportunities afforded by the liberalisation of the energy market.

Completely independent, BCM Energy is active across Europe, covering the entire value chain from A to Z, from production through to the end consumer.

Our objectives:


Develop a decentralised and renewable energy electricity portfolio by aggregating production.


Optimise asset management and asset use by acting in our full capacity as an intermediary.

Provide access

Provide access to a renewable and competitive offer thanks to our supplier role.



By having a thorough understanding of the entire value chain and by combining our end-to-end expertise, BCM Energy is firmly establishing itself as an important player in the market, in a context where the electricity offer is being revitalised across Europe.


Sourcing and Energy Management

To control energy in real time

From trading to negotiation in the physical market, BCM Energy manages energy in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Europe.

Thanks to a dedicated team and specifically developed models, at BCM Energy we use our expertise to fully exploit the volatility of energy prices. Given their uncertainty, we continuously prepare for criteria that affect supply and demand: variations in weather, geo-political events that create circumstantial instability…

An expert in handling these fundamentals, BCM Energy has access to all parts of the wholesale market, and can therefore act quickly and make appropriate hedging decisions:

  • coverage using derived products in Europe (all maturities)
  • sourcing in Europe on the physical market


Aggregation & Optimisation

For more opportunities and greater profits

A specialist in energy management, BCM Energy aims to implement those strategies that are most adapted to generating added value for each type of production and optimising its profitability. As such, we use volatility to our advantage to maximise our asset yield:

  • by aggregating production from renewable assets.
    In this way, independent producers take advantage of new market opportunities.
  • by optimising the energy portfolio.
    The different renewable assets – wind, photovoltaic and hydraulic – are managed within an intraday and day-ahead time frame.



For economical and ecological energy

Through its Planète OUI brand, BCM Energy sells a 100% green electricity offer to consumers at competitive prices. This responsible and accessible offer was conceived based on controlling costs and optimising purchase prices, from production through to distribution.
Using its flexibility, BCM Energy is therefore able to offer a service whose costs are managed and far more competitive than large companies, such as the historic, semi-monopolistic businesses.



Certification of Renewable Assets

For greater access to the market

Using our experience and our contacts in the renewable market, we are able to provide our partners access to almost all types of European certificates for electricity and gas.

In a market which on occasion lacks transparency when it comes to traceability, we show ingenuity in activating our network to answer all types of request with turnkey solutions.

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In an energy world that has changed radically over a short period of time, only the most agile can become the most proficient. This is especially true when it comes to adapting to the continual fluctuations in production and consumption.

Thanks to an organisation that is more flexible, more responsive and more practised, BCM Energy is among those businesses who are participating in transforming the European energy trading company.

Specialists in optimising energy's value, our clients are our partners, from renewable energy producers and alternative suppliers to renewable energy investment funds, local authorities and end customers.

BCM Energy is present throughout the energy chain to capture a maximum number of opportunities.

  • Actively present on energy markets (in contact with grid operators, regulators, trading markets, brokers)
  • Access to different spot and futures markets, both on European markets as well as directly through over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Futures market EEX Financial Power Derivatives
  • Futures market PEGAS Financial Gas Derivatives
  • Physical spot market EPEX day-ahead
  • Intraday market EPEX France
  • National Register of Guarantees of Origin
  • Our own balance responsible perimeter with RTE (Réseau de Transport d’électricité – Electricity Transport Network) and ENEDIS (previously ERDF - Électricité Réseau de Distribution France – France Electricity Distribution Network)


An Expert and Responsive Team

Building on the founders’ 15 years of experience in finance and physical energy, and in renauvel asset management, BCM Energy’s team is growing. Its start-up frame of mind is focused on responsiveness and performance.

  • The Lyon location houses expertise centred around optimisation, market access and modelling, and includes analysts, computer engineers and meteorologists.
  • The Lille location is home to the Oui Energy team, responsible for organising and selling the Planète Oui green offer, 100% renewable and targeted entirely at the end consumer.

In-House Skills

At BCM Energy, we have integrated all the types of expertise and all the tools necessary to optimising the value chain:

  • Forecast models developed internally for day and short-term time frames (real time volatility management, production variations, intermittence, consumption curves…).
  • A dedicated fundamental analysis of energy markets: supply and demand modelling, long-term market equilibrium.
  • Integrated meteorological expertise.
  • Expertise in trading and "green" product certification (Guarantees of origin in France, other European certificates).

Join Us

Enjoying high growth in the energy trading sector, BCM Energy trading company is constantly in search of both new and experienced talent. Project Manager, database specialist or trader, if one of these jobs motivates you and you have lots of energy yourself, join us! You will be part of the development of an innovative and independent actor who has created an original industrial model, and is in direct contact with the current challenges surrounding the management and control of energy.