Recovering your renewable
energy production
is our mission!

Our vision

In a fast-changing sector, between energy transition and new technologies, BCM Energy is innovating to meet new challenges related to the liberalization of the energy market.

Fully independent, BCM Energy now covers the entire electricity value chain, from production to the end customer, thanks in particular to its brand, the electricity supplier OUI Energy.

BCM Energy's goal is to accelerate the integration and development of renewable energies through:

  • Long-term partnerships for market integration
  • An attractive distribution of the added value created

Our goals


Aggregating a portfolio of decentralized renewable electricity producers, as purchase obligations, additional remuneration or free market.


Optimizing energy production recovery, grid flexibility and market opportunities for our partners by integrating the entire electricity value chain, from upstream to downstream.


Offering innovative solutions in terms of business model, management tools adapted to renewable production and renewable supply to end consumers.


Supplying end consumers with a renewable electricity supply, thanks to our brand, elmy

Our services

By managing the entire electricity value chain, BCM Energy is becoming a major player in the European market. BCM Energy implements the most appropriate strategies to recover each renewable production and increase its market opportunities, with a focus on supplying end consumers.

Access to energy and capacity markets


Access to energy and capacity markets

Thanks to specifically developed models, BCM Energy uses its know-how to leverage the volatility of energy prices. BCM Energy constantly models the criteria impacting supply and demand: weather variations, generating fleet, geopolitical impacts, etc. BCM Energy has complete access to the wholesale and capacity markets; and acts as a Balance Responsible Entity.

Certificate management


Certificate management

By working exclusively with renewable energy producers, BCM Energy also assists them in the management of "green" (guarantees of origin) or "white" (Energy Saving Certificates) certificates. BCM can manage the purchase and resale of these certificates.

Production forecasts and management tools


Production forecasts and management tools

BCM Energy helps its partner producers to anticipate their production in order to optimize its recovery. BCM Energy can also create ad-hoc tools to enable real-time monitoring of the production and its recovery over time.

Implementation of PPA


Implementation of PPA

As renewable energy production becomes increasingly competitive, BCM Energy is constantly looking for the best opportunities for its partners. The Power Purchase Agreements are one of the tools used. BCM Energy then assists the producer in finding the final consumer and for administrative work.

The benefits of aggregation

Focusing on the core business: production

Obtaining better recovery through the pooling of producers

Testing new opportunities

Our company

In a world that has drastically changed in just a few years, only the most flexible can become the most efficient, especially in order to adapt to the permanent fluctuations in production and consumption.

With a flexible, responsive and expert structure, BCM Energy is one of the players reconfiguring the European energy landscape.

Our company

An expert and responsive team

BCM Energy gathered all the expertise and tools necessary to optimize the value chain internally:

  • Forecasting models for short-term (day and week) and intraday horizons
  • Fundamental analysis on supply and demand, market balance
  • Weather expertise
  • Management of green products (such as guarantees of origin)

Values to share

The entire team unites around the 5 key values of BCM Energy, which are relevant both internally and in the daily exchanges with our partners:

  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Trust


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